So, this is a small source of information for adding an emoticon to your wiki chat...

Selecting An Image

Images will display best if they are at an extremely small size. 16x16px is the preferred size, as it allows for the best visibility of the features of the emoticon. If you are capable, you can make an emote with a photoshop like application, when making the image, for the best visual affect, make sure that you save/create the image with a transparent background.

Upload the Image

Upload the image to your wiki so that you can make sure that the image will not disappear.

Uploading the image has its benefits:

  • It means that you don't have to link the image from somewhere else.
    • Linking the image from somewhere else means that the image could move, and your emote might not work.
  • You know where the image is, and it will be easier to link.

Adding the Image

So, when you add an image to emotes, it can be a little confusing at first, but no worries!

So here is the angry emoticon coding in the emoticons page.

** (angry)
** >:O
** >:-O

Notice how the first * has only the link: A second thing to note, is that the link looks different from most normal wiki image links... Normally we see image links with a "". But this link above is different. To get that kind of link we must:

  • Locate the image on the wiki, the link should have the "wiki/File:images name" in it.
  • Now, left click on the image so that you only see the image. The link that we get from either clicking on the image or double clicking on it. It doesn't matter how many times you need to click, just make sure you get the just the image on a white background.
  • Now that we have that, we should have an link in the URL, which should look like the one infront of the first *.
  • Now, the ** are the call cards for the word. For the angry emote, using (angry) brings up the emote. Also using the "call cards" >:O and >:-O brings up the emote.

Now we just click save, and the emote is uploaded! Make sure that you clear your cache, otherwise you most likely won't be able to use your new emote! You will also need to refresh chat after you save your changes to the emoticons page, otherwise you definitely won't see the new emote!

I hope this helps guys!!!