Okay, so font sizes are beneficial when doing anything with coding, whether something needs to be smaller, or if it needs to be larger. Well this is the end of Slaying giving his beginning speech, now here's how to actually do it.

  • Baddaboom!
    • Gives you: Baddaboom!
  • <span style="font-size:6pt;">Where'd I put my glasses?!?!</span>
    • Gives you: Where'd I put my glasses?!?!?
  • To change the font size inside of a link, well, its just as simple.
    • [[A link to Cead and Slay's favorite hotspots|<span style="font-size:20pt;">Da best drinks in all de landz</span>]]
      • Make sure you put | in there other wise, your just gonna have a link that takes you to Ten Buck Two, and it's a long walk back.
    • Anyways, that coding gives you. Da best drinks in all de landz

~DR. Halcyon

Thanks, Dr. Halcyon. This is Dr. Ceadeu, and I'm here to add notes to Dr. Halcyon's lecture. First off, always be sure that a font size doesn't stretch into a


Because THAT looks horrible, as you see.

Anyway, so a font re-sizing is good for bits of text that signify different dialogues, like dialogue from a small person or someone far away. However, they are also awesome for Signatures and Signature Templates; however, always note that Signature templates have no align, and thus will stretch out through the page if needed. Please avoid this, as wikia users prefer...simplicity. In editing.

~Dr. Ceadeu