Whilst naming an article, one should always consider some things:


In naming an article, the first letter must always be capitalized due to technical restrictions; there is no way to not capitalize it, the system will do it for you. It should be like this anyway, except in the case of a brand name that begins with a small letter, such as iMac, iPod or eBay.

If the name of the article is a name, such as Nintendo Co., Ltd., Random Blueberry Productions, or John Smith, all letters which begin a new word should be capitalized . If the article has another word that is not the name of a person or specific name of a place, company, organization, or creature, but still uses a name, format it like John Smith's apples, not capitalizing "apples". So, unless there is a reason for capitalization, don't do it. Generally, just follow what you learned in school; also, do not capitalize words like of, the, or, if, in, or and.

Examples of proper naming

  • John Paul's computers
  • Nintendo of America
  • Nintendo of America's Nintendo GameCube video game console
  • Items used in Pokémon Red organized by rarity

Examples of inproper naming

  • John paul's computers - Since Paul is part of the specific name, it should be capitalized
  • John pauls computers - An apostrophe to show ownership should be used (except in the case of its)
  • Nintendo of america - Not only is America the name of a specific country/continent, in this case, it is also part of the company's name
  • Nintendo Of America - Of should not be capitalized.

Use of accented e (é)

Names of things which should contain an é, should use the é rather than an e; For example, it should be Pokémon, not Pokemon. Please note that a redirect from the non-accented e should also be created (see also: Project:Redirects).

Examples of proper naming

  • Pokémon
  • Pokédex
  • Poké Ball

Examples of improper naming

  • Pokemon
  • Pokedex
  • Poke Ball (or Pokeball, or Pokéball, or PokéBall - a space should always be between Poké and Ball, the proper use is Poké Ball)

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