The user blog policy helps to enforce the fact that the Pokémon Wiki is not a blog hosting website.

  • Blogs are not intended for commentary, they are not online diaries, blogs like these will be deleted.
  • Spam blogs will be deleted (ie: Random advertisements ("buy my product and blah, blah, blah"), blogs less than a few words, fanon, etc.)
  • Blogs are not intended for advertisement of other sites
  • Blogs are not intended for outside topics (ie: Mario and Luigi, clocks, random printers, etc.)
  • Blogs are not intended for swaying users to join a group
  • No more than five off topic blogs. This includes:
    • Talking about a certain user/group
    • Polls, opinions, and other miscellanea
    • Protest speeches, take it to the forum
    • Blogs about "your team"; blogs made solely for showing off your team.
  • Blogs less than 250 bytes will be deleted when seen; please place the {{Delete}} tag in the comments if you spot one.
  • While you are allowed to name your blog anything appropriate, please do not overuse punctuation such as Pokémon!!!!!, which could be cut down to one exclamation mark, such as Pokémon!

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